Welcome to my pony collection!

I think I have a lot more ponies than Webkinz. My history with MLP is a little spotty until I was 9. Before then, MLP was in it's third generation, and I grew up occasionally playing the flash games on their site. I really liked the one where you planned Rainbow Dash's birthday since I mostly remember that one more than the others. I didn't have any G3 toys since I was still busy asking for Webkinz every week, but I would get a few from Happy Meals. I didn't get too interested in MLP until G4 started in 2010. I used to watch Discovery Kids before it became The Hub Channel, so I knew of it eventually coming. I had no school the day it launched so I thought to check out the new channel and saw that a new MLP series was going to premiere. I knew MLP had animated media but I always wanted it to be on TV and not exclusive to the website or DVDs. I liked it and became a fan from day 1. Though this time I wanted to collect the toys but couldn't since my mom thought I was too old to be playing with toys even though I was still 9. As I got older, I started to make money, and would buy myself a pony pretty rarely. Then I moved away to college in 2019 and started buying more pony toys since I wouldn't be judged by my parents. I started with G4 and G4.5 toys since they were the only ones being sold at the time. Nowadays I buy myself more pony toys of any generation. I like and collect all gens, but I mostly have G4 ponies! Here are all the ponies and pony merch I accumulated over the years.

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G1 (Retro)

Rainbow Ponies Wave 2

Unicorn & Pegasus Ponies Wave 2

Twinkle-Eyed Ponies



Secret Surprise Ponies



Glitter Celebration Wave 1

Rainbow Celebration Wave 1

Scootin' Along

Favorite Friends Wave 5

Happy Meal (2007)

Happy Meal (2008)



Blind Bags Wave 22

Friendship Express Train or Pinkie Pie's RC Car

Crystal Empire

Happy Meal (2012)

Happy Meal (2014)

Cutie Mark Crew Happy Meal (2018)

Explore Equestria


Reboot Series

Rainbow Roadtrip

Rainbow Roadtrip: Dress Up

Rainbow Roadtrip: Friends of Equestria

Equestria Girls: Fashion Squad


Cutie Mark Crew

Paperpunk MLP Series

PopMart MLP Figures

Funko Mystery Minis

Other Plush


G4.5/Pony Life

Potion Surprise Batch 1

Secret Rings Series 1

Reveal The Magic

Reveal The Magic: Potion Dress-up

Reveal The Magic: Potion Princess

Reveal The Magic: Mega Friendship Collection

Smashin' Fashion

Reveal The Magic-Equestria Girls: Fashion Squad



Best Movie Friends

Crystal Adventure

Rainbow Reveal

Unicorn Party Celebration

Unicorn Charms

Performance Prep

Sparkles Adventure

Sparkling Generations

Snow Party Countdown

Plushies (Just Play)