This is my collection of Webkinz!

Sorry, this is gonna be super rambly! Please scroll down if you just want to see some Webkinz...

Webkinz were a HUGE hyperfixation of mine from when I was 6 until about...11-ish I guess. But I'm still into it and occasionally play on the site. It all started when I was gifted a Pink Pony Webkinz. Although, I couldn't make an account right away because I was a dumb child and didn't know how to make an account. By the time I did, my secret code to register the pony was gone. I got another pet though--the Brown Dog, and ended up making my first account! It's not the account I still use today though. I was still dumb back then and whenever I got new Webkinz (Which was very often, almost every weekend in some cases. I'd even come home with around 2-5 sometimes due to bogo sales), I'd make a new account because the sign-up button was called "New Member" and I thought it was to add new pets since they were "new members of my Webkinz family" at the time, and of course I didn't even question why I had to enter personal information and create a new username again. So I have like...several accounts.

Even though I had an account, I didn't really do much in the game since my household was still rocking a Windows 98 PC in 2008, and apparently the resolution wasn't set correctly for Webkinz, and I didn't even know it can be changed. So I didn't really have access to the "Things to Do" menu which held all the buttons to the site's features. What got me addicted to the game was the concept though. I guess little me really REALLY loved the idea of virtual pets since I couldn't have one, and I really liked stuffed animals too and roleplaying with them with friends I'd make at day camps or in bed by myself. We finally upgraded our computer in 2010 to one that ran Windows 7, and I was finally able to see all of the game! Oh, and I finally figured out how to add new pets to an existing account. The early 2010s is where most of my Webkinz nostalgia comes from.

Okay, sorry for those huge ramply paragraphs. I ramble a lot. ADHD thing. Here's all the Webkinz I've collected throughout the years! If you're interested in adding me, my username is sfpfashion!

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